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61 ° National Meeting Bersaglieri – Salerno






It will be the first time that the city of Salerno host a imposing and historic event;  from 13 May to 19 May Salerno will host the 61st National Bersaglieri rally that will develop later in the week with meetings, appointments, conferences, competitions, sporting events, concerts and “historical markets”

It predicts that Italy will be invaded by about 200,000 people, a week of celebration, entertainment and history, where you will hear the sound of brass bands and 70 to see in any street of the city a “VAIRA” the hair with black feathers emblem of sharpshooters so called the name of the Sergeant who wore it the first time on the recommendation of the founder of the body Alessandro lamarmora.

The event will conclude on May 19 with a full and festive parade which will include not only the military corps of sharpshooters all association and representatives of each city and province region of Italy.


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