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Luci d’Artista Salerno

Every year, from November to January, the nights of Salerno are illuminated by gigantic luminous works of art by famous artists of light. It is true masterpieces, installed in the most beautiful and attractive of the capital.

The initiative of the City of Salerno

born from the successful collaboration with Torino where the brilliant works of art have become a major tourist and commercial attraction. Salerno and Turin, city of art and light, both ancient capitals of Italy, give rise to such an artistic twinning strongly backed by the Mayor of Salerno Vincenzo De Luca and the Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino. An enchanted thread through Italy arousing emotions and creating a magical atmosphere from November until January 31.

The “lights Artist” in Salerno

propose works already acclaimed in Piedmont and new works commissioned directly by the City of Salerno for the city. It is long artistic lights hundred meters that feature sophisticated lighting technologies.

The magical “Nights of light” salernitane, enriched by a series of music events, dance, theater, performances that complement the Christmas events program, make Salerno even more beautiful for citizens and welcoming for visitors and represent a good opportunity to discover the monumental and artistic attractions, shopping pleasure, the crafts and local food and quality in a festive atmosphere of serenity.